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    The Armenian social portal for meeting and chatting Friends.am is a place to meet friends and acquaintances.

    Thanks to the site you can get to know the latest news in your friends’ life and share your interesting events with them. The principal objective of the site is to help people keep in touch with their friends and relatives as well as meet new people.

    All you need is to register on the site and create your own web page. The user’s page is a kind of study with a convenient navigation menu, fast ajax interface and search. You can edit personal information, download photos, check the friend list, find out your links with other users, check who has visited you as well as have your diary etc.

    Friends.am already provides the most popular services- games, music, video, blogs, message exchange, gifts, and personal purse services on the site. We hope that that the users of our site will especially like the game section Lotto and Fortune. However, our team is not going to stop and keeps working to improve the portal for our users to get in touch comfortably.

    Our system is multilingual, and functions in English, Russian and Armenian (you can choose your mother tongue or the one you prefer to chat in at the bottom of the site). The mobile version of the site is also available which loads automatically when you log in with your favorite gadgets and phones.

    Best Regards Friends.am team!

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